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About us
Our story is like many families who have wanted the best support for their parents and grandparents to remain at home.  

My Father's passion to live a life not defined by a disease has driven me to always think of the person first, not their predicament. Arranging Home Care for Dad, my Father-in-law and Mother-in-law in a short space of time gave me a true perspective of the system.  Navigating services and watching them lose control and their identities had a real impact on them, and our family.

I created Home Care Society so that our loved ones, our families and our peers are encouraged, and supported to empower and lift each other up.

Deb Stephens

Managing Director

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Home Care Specialists
Home Care Society is a values based service. Our values are honest, respectful and compassionate. We live our values through the work we do and the support we provide.

With over 20 years Home Care experience, including many aged care reforms, Home Care Society has the person in their home as our primary focus.  

Change always creates uncertainty but we all know things have to change in Aged Care.  We're passionate about Home Care and the many wonderful people and organisations working to make a difference.

With Home Care Society you will be in safe hands to navigate the system and select your services to get the best support for you or your loved ones.

Is there someone you care about, who we can care for?